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Infrastructure Security  Assessment


How would a real-world attacker compromise your IT network? Our comprehensive infrastructure security assessments aim to answer this question, quantifying your level of cyber risk, assessing compliance and providing a baseline for security across your business or activity.

Embodying the mindset and methodology of hackers, 4ET Cybersecurity can take a more ethical and systematic approach to unmasks any and all exploitable security weaknesses in your IT Infrastructure, be it a server, workstation, smart device, or network device such as router, switch, gateway and firewalls.

Whether our assessments take the perspective of a hacker outside or within your network, we will ensure your business understands the attack strategies and techniques most likely to be used – and how to mitigate against them.

Our Testing Techniques

  • Black Box Testing Get a quick read of the security state of an application through a catalog of technical vulnerabilities.

  • Penetration Testing:  Determine the feasibility and impact of an attack through a simulated malicious attack.

Key Benefits

  • Know your true susceptibility to attacks originating from your IT infrastructure and plan an improvement roadmap

  • Establish security records for later reviews

Fill out this form to request a Security Assessment for your IT infrastructure and obtain artifacts to help you develop effective cyberattacks mitigations strategies.

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