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Security Architecture Consulting

This solution-based assessment is aimed at business requirements for planning or deploying security technology controls, to provide a secure architecture according to the solution category. This exercise will provide practical recommendations, prioritization and solution architecture road-map. 


4ET Cybersecurity can thoroughly review your IT system or network architecture and develop recommendations for both strengthening existing security mechanisms and compensating for any inherent security weaknesses. Whether the architecture is for a new or redesigned system, our consultants work with the customer to ensure that appropriate security mechanisms are incorporated into the final system design.

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Our security consultants have a depth and breadth of experience that allows us to take a comprehensive and practical “real-world” approach to your architecture. This background allows our team to work within the context of specific business objectives and security requirements.  .

Key Benefits

  • Identify security gaps relative to recognized secure design patterns (including authentication, authorization, and security event logging & response) and plan an improvement roadmap.

  • Ensure that a secure architecture is delivered according to solution category; that system meets requirements for data confidentiality, integrity, and availability while building an in-depth defense that ensures misconfigurations or other vulnerabilities cannot compromise critical systems.

Fill out this form to request a thorough review or your IT system or network architecture and obtain best recommendations that enhance security.

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