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Third Party Risk  Assessments

Cloud adoption and the increasing dependence on third party services and applications expose individuals, businesses and organizations to a variety of new and serious risk and non-compliance issues. For this reason managing third party risk has taken on a renewed sense of urgency, and no doubt is a crucial part of every third-party risk management program (TPRM).
4ET Cybersecurity can help you minimize your exposure to regulatory and related reputational risk linked to a third-party. Whatever the stage of the relationship, our team can gauge precisely how a third-party, be it a supplier, partner, service provider, etc., impacts your cybersecurity posture, and highlight to you the risk that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking and best mitigations required.

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Our unique approach 

  • Questionnaire  Assessments: Leverage a questionnaire(s) to assess third parties, which can include a fully managed approach. In addition, sending questionnaires follow up with the third party, escalation for those not participating, analysis of questionnaires and reporting on results.

  • Onsite/Remote Assessments: Performing onsite and/or remote assessments to boost your confidence in the assessments performed while also balancing the associated cost. These can be lightweight or in-depth assessments.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain situational third-party risk awareness and unprecedented advices you needs to make informed risk-based decisions or protect itself from risky businesses.

  • Know the extent and nature of risk that your third-party relationship poses to your activity or business and plan an improvement roadmap.

Fill out this form to request a Third-party Risk Assessment  and obtain artifacts to help you develop effective cyberattack mitigations strategies.

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