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Threat and Risk  Assessment

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A significant part of business processes heavily rely on the Internet technologies. That is why cybersecurity is a very important practice for all businesses and organizations. Making up a crucial part of cybersecurity, security threat and risk assessment (TRA) is a topic that must not be overlooked. 


4ET Cybersecurity specializes in providing security threat and risk assessment services that identify potential vulnerabilities that can lead to threats, analyze any threat uncovered and assign a rating, and perform threat analysis to determine the best measures to mitigate against the threats. Whether you are deploying a new IT system or network or making some significant change to an IT system or network, we can gauge precisely how  the system or networks will impacts your cybersecurity posture, and highlight to you the risk that may be involved in a projected activity or undertaking and the best mitigations to adopt.

Key Benefits

  • Gain situational risk awareness and unprecedented advices needed to make informed risk-based decisions

  • Know the extent and nature of risk that your IT system or network poses to your activity or business and take preventive measures to increase the effectiveness of your security controls.

  • Know if your organization or business fulfils security requirements of industry related compliances applicable to its activity or business before it is too late.

Fill out this form to request a Threat and Risk Assessment for your IT system or network and obtain artifacts to help you make informed risk-based decisions as well as develop effective cyberattack mitigations strategies.

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