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Our People

At 4ET Cybersecurity, we believe in solving problems not just with products, but with people. Our team is distinguished by the expertise and commitment of our professionals, who deeply comprehend the critical elements of privacy, security, and compliance at a procedural level. They recognize the interconnectedness of these aspects and understand how they rely on each other.

This profound understanding is rooted in a track record of successful consulting and audit engagements, catering to numerous Fortune 500 firms and global industry leaders.


We firmly believe that by treating our employees well and enabling them to exercise their skills and talents, our employees will be able to provide you with the best work, highest value and exceed expectations. 

Message from our

Executive Team

Message from our

Leadership Team

Our people truly makes a difference. Each member has a strong customer-centric focus and continually strive to exceed expectations. Their mission is to help their clients solve their most complex cybersecurity challenges.

"We fully understand that, no matter what your core business or activity is, failure to comply with relevant industry or regulatory security and privacy requirements or to properly protect sensitive data can have devastating impact on your reputation and brand."

Raymond Chia

President & CEO

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