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Vulnerability Assessments

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Detecting vulnerabilities and taking corrective action is important to any cybersecurity program that account for specific threats, vulnerabilities and risks to you activity, undertaking or business. In fact, vulnerability assessment is essential in protecting valued data assets from internal and external threats.

4ET Cybersecurity can scrutinize your IT system or network for known and newly-discovered vulnerabilities. Our assessments can be conducted from an internal perspective where we approach from inside the entity (much like a disgruntled employee would), or from an external perspective where we approach from outside of the entity (much like an internet-based attacker would).

Our Specialization

We specialized in conducting vulnerability assessments for the following types of IT services and assets:

  • Network Defense such as, but not limited to, the configuration, patching and management of network security systems like firewall, gateways, IDS and IPS

  • Infrastructure Security such as, but not limited to, the configuration, patching and management computers, smart devices, routers, switches, and load balancers

  • Web Services Security such as, but not limited, to uncovering common flaws in web application design with regards to OWASP top 10 list

  • Database Security such as, but not limited to, the configuration, patching and management of all components of a structured or unstructured databases. 

Key Benefits

  • See your attack landscape through the eyes of external cyber threats, malicious insiders, and sophisticated  malware.

  • Gain situational awareness of vulnerabilities in your IT system(s) or networks and get critical insight to exploitable vectors most likely to be targeted by cyber attacks.

  • Find out how the vulnerabilities materialized in the first place, and learn how to correct and prevent them through practical remediation and mitigation strategies.

Fill out this form to request a Vulnerability Assessment of your IT asset and know the root cause of uncovered vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

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