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Ransomware: Once hit, your business is never the same again

In additional to financial costs and reputational damage, a ransomware attack can also lower the confidence and morals of your information security team too. Getting hit with a ransomware attack damages an organisation in many ways - from stopping it being able to fully operate for weeks, to angry customers and potential reputational damage. But a ransomware attack also has a human cost, affecting the confidence of IT teams and potentially for a long time after the initial attack. A new research paper by cybersecurity company Sophos says the extent of this confidence hit is so significant that the culture at these companies is never the same again. That's perhaps not surprising as there are some suggestions that suffering a major attack can make your organisation more likely to be hit again because criminals will identify it as an company that could be easy target.  According to the survey, nearly three times as many IT staff in organisations which have been hit by a ransomware attack feel as if their organisation is 'significantly behind' when it comes to facing cyber threats, compared with those in organisations which haven't suffered a ransomware attack.

To learn about ransomware threats relevant to your business or activity and how to effectively mitigate against them, conn with out Threat Advisory team.

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