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Application Security  Assessment 

Web and mobile applications are now critical to your business, but they’re also a prime target for malicious hackers. With attacks on the rise, it’s essential to ensure your applications are secure and protected.

4ET Cybersecurity can gauge precisely how an application impacts your attack surface and security posture. Our application security assessments identify weaknesses in your proprietary or third-party applications and propose simple fixes that enhance your system’s security posture. By combining the use of leading tools with targeted, expert manual analysis of your application, we diagnose threat susceptibility and provide you with repeatable, measurable, transparent, and actionable results. 

We utilize industry standards including the OWASP Top 10, OWASP ASVS  and OWASP Mobile Top 10  framework our approach.


Our Testing Techniques

  • Black Box Testing Get a quick read of the security state of an application through a catalog of technical vulnerabilities

  • Security Code Reviews: ​Focus attention on where application is most vulnerable, at the code level, with source code reviews.

  • Penetration Testing:  Determine the feasibility and impact of an attack through a simulated malicious attack.

Key Benefits

  • Know your true susceptibility to attacks originating from web or mobile applications and plan an improvement roadmap

  • Establish security records for future reviews

Fill out this form to request a Security Assessment for your web or native application and obtain artifacts to help you develop effective cyberattack mitigations strategies.

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