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Our Services

What We Do

We offer a host of cybersecurity services to businesses, organizations, and individuals to help them uncover hidden vulnerabilities in their IT networks, applications, devices, systems and products, and provide them with artifacts to help improve their security. 


We have invested in best-in-class tools, processes, and people to deliver quality cybersecurity services to customers in support of vulnerability or risk management, ethical hacking, and forensics investigations efforts.

Advanced Footprinting

Using the same mindset, methods and tools as attackers, we can build a complete picture of your attack surface. With a full list of networks, infrastructure, and apps. 

Vulnerability Assessments

Effective, false-positive free, vulnerability discovery is the first step that needs to be taken in any vulnerability management and patching program. 

Vulnerability Assessments

Our Vulnerability Assessments  services include a thorough evaluation of the target network, systems or apps for known and newly discovered vulnerabilities. 

Security Architecture Consulting

This solution-based assessment is aimed at business requirements for planning or deploying new IT solutions or services. This exercise will provide practical  security recommendations and prioritization.

Threat and Risk Assessments

We provide risk assessments based on accepted industry security and risk assessments  frameworks and standards including NIST Special Publication 800-30, and ISO/IEC 27005 international standard..

Third Party Risk Assessments

Whatever the stage of the relationship, we can help you ensure your third-parties, be they suppliers, service providers, partners, etc., are a source of strength for your business and not a weak link.

Infrastructure Security Assessments

Whether our assessments take the perspective of a hacker outside or within your network, we will ensure your business...

Application Security Assessments

From threat modelling to identifying source code security flaws, our team can gauge precisely how an application impacts...

Threat Advisory

Our threat advisory service works on behalf of the customer to collect, analyze, prioritize, contextualize and summarize and the essential threats and vulnerabilities...

Red Teaming

Our red teaming service allow organizations and businesses to measure the effectiveness of their security controls in social, electronic, physical and converged attack surfaces.


No matter how many documents you need to review, or how tight your deadlines are, we can help with your e-Discovery efforts and ensure you meet you target deadlines. 

Security Consulting

There are physical, operational, and cyber components to protecting data and intellectual property. By looking at your security challenges from several angels we can help you better prevent and respond to cyber threats

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